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Re[2]: lynx-dev Re: Security and Lynx

From: alison . neal
Subject: Re[2]: lynx-dev Re: Security and Lynx
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 08:36:58 -0400

     Are there any SGML text only browsers available?

     Ali Neal

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Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: Security and Lynx
Author:  address@hidden at INTERNET
Date:    5/24/98 8:49 PM

980522 Alison Neal wrote:
> What are the security risks of installing Lynx 2.8 on a private network?
> Are there ways to prevent people from hacking into the system on Lynx 2.8?

there are no known security risks with Lynx 2-8 at present,
but as freeware it comes with all the usual disclaimers
(see  COPYING  which comes with the distribution).
Lynx is developed & maintained by an international on-line community,
whose volunteers care enough about it to tackle challenges promptly,
but again: "Use at your own risk".

> Is there a commercial alternative to Lynx?

obviously, the well known bloatware twins ...

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