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lynx-dev Windows,Dos and Lynx

From: kifox
Subject: lynx-dev Windows,Dos and Lynx
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 02:14:54 +0200

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>                       Re: lynx-dev Windows,Dos and Lynx
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>     * From: address@hidden (Michael Sokolov)
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>address@hidden wrote:
>> On the machines I've tried it on,
>> running lynx after loading the packet driver from windows locks the computer
>> up, and it's not the packet driver (dosppd v06) that's causing this, since
>> I can run MSKERMIT 3.16, a number of KA9Q clones, and other dos programs
>> under WFWG 3.11 using BOOTP via this packet driver.
>Hmm... The only explanation I can find is that DJGPP's Castrated DPMI is
>causing this. One more proof that we need to use True DPMI, not the Castrated

Wrong. It's Windows. It seems there may be some kind of conflict between the 
way the djgpp lynx port mangages either screen writes or memory and windows 
and other programs created using djgpp since I can run these other djgppp
programs under both dos and windows with no problems whatsoever. 

If your "DJGPP's Castrated DPMI" claim was true, I wouldn't be able to run
ANY these other djgpp-complied programs under windows either since they all 
make use of "DJGPP's Castrated DPMI" as you put it. (BTW, in case you didn't
know djgpp programs when run under windows make use of window's DPMI server
as I recall) so if there are in fact problems in the dos lynx port related 
to the use of DPMI the problem lies in windows, not djgpp.
to the use of DPMI the problem lies in windows, not djgpp.

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