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Re: lynx-dev New patch for DJGPP and SLANG

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev New patch for DJGPP and SLANG
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 05:28:01 -0400 (EDT)

> > Bill's patch also had a change that I didn't understand to LYUtils.c, 
> > where the SLtt_get_screen_size was ifdef'd for UNIX or VMS only. At 
> When I originally wrote the patch, this function didn't exist for the DOS 
> port of Slang version 0.99.38 so it was necessary to #ifdef it out.  I do 
> agree though that we should say  
> #ifdef __DJGPP__ instead of #if defined(unix) || defined(VMS) as this 
> would ensure that we exclude DJGPP only.  Apparently this function now 
> exists for version 1.2.2. 
I'll look at this again (but my own opinion is that the ifdef's tend to
be shorter if you phrase them to include rather than to exclude).
> Bill 

Thomas E. Dickey

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