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Re: lynx-dev set proxy

From: Benjamin C. W. Sittler
Subject: Re: lynx-dev set proxy
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 09:25:48 -0600 (MDT)

On Wed, 13 May 1998, Mr. Ray Lane wrote:

> Hello:
>       I am not REALLY a Lynx browser user. I'd like to be, but our school
> district uses a proxy server and I can't figure out how to tell Lynx to see
> it. I just need some help. I'm not a programmer, but I'm a fairly competent
> user. Still, I've tried the command line -pauth=ID:PW where ID is my email
> name and PW is my email password, which is how the proxy requires me to
> login. Well, that didn't work. I can see the district's homepage OK, but
> I'm stuck there. Now what?

You also need to uncomment the http_proxy line in your lynx.cfg file, and
set it to the appropriate hostname and port for your proxy server. (You
may need to do this for other protocols, as well.)

If you're using a multi-user system where you don't have write access to
the global lynx.cfg file, you can use the -cfg= command line parameter or
the LYNX_CFG environment variable to force lynx to use an alternate copy
of the configuration file.

"Benjamin C. W. Sittler" <address@hidden>

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