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lynx-dev ./configure nits under Lynx 2.8

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: lynx-dev ./configure nits under Lynx 2.8
Date: Wed, 13 May 98 13:58:38 EDT

I greatly appreciate the switch over to GNU autoconf in Lynx 2.8,
esp. the fact you've made non-local builds work (mostly) correctly
(which many people outside of the FSF don't bother to do).

A few notes: First, I think the lynx.cfg file is better installed in the
DATADIR directory (/usr/local/share) rather than the LIBDIR directory
(/usr/local/lib).  This enables sharing of the same Lynx config between
multiple architectures quite easily, and is more correct according the
GNU conventions.  Ditto for the lynx.lss file.

Next, I tried to run "make depend" to ensure the dependencies are
up-to-date, and it failed.  First, the WWW stuff doesn't work correctly:
the -I flags passed to makedepend don't include the
WWW/Library/Implementation directory, where the .h files are.  The
variable $(srcdir) contains ../../../../WWW/Library/unix, which isn't
correct since the actual sources are in WWW/Library/Implementation,
instead.  And then that variable isn't added to the compile line with
-I$(srcdir) anyway.

Then, it tried to run depend in the src directory, and that failed
because the makedepend rule didn't get the pathnames to the sources, it
just got the names of the sources.  Instead of:

  depend :
          makedepend -fmakefile -- $(CC_OPTS) -- $(C_SRC)

You need something like either:

  depend : $(C_SRC)
          makedepend -fmakefile -- $(CC_OPTS) -- $^


  depend :
          makedepend -fmakefile -- $(CC_OPTS) -- $(C_SRC:%=$(srcdir)/%)

Unfortunately I think both of these require GNU make to work reliably
:-/.  Otherwise you'll need to do this (add $(srcdir)/ to each file in
the list of sources) during the configure step somehow.

 Paul D. Smith <address@hidden>         Network Management Development
 "Please remain calm...I may be mad, but I am a professional." --Mad Scientist
     These are my opinions--Bay Networks takes no responsibility for them.

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