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updated lynx-dev welcome msg

From: Philip Webb
Subject: updated lynx-dev welcome msg
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 13:00:20 -0400 (EDT)

at Al Gilman's suggestion, i have updated the message which welcomes
new subscribers to lynx-dev (the old one is badly out of date).
i have laid it out carefully line by line (in my usual fussy way),
to make it as clear as possible to someone who may be quite new
to the whole concept of lists & Lynx (as i once was).
i hope it will be substituted for the present message.  here it is:

Welcome to the lynx-dev mailing list!

Please save this message for future reference:
to stop receiving lynx-dev mail or to contact the list owner, see below.

lynx-dev is an e-mail list where Lynx users, site managers & developers
exchange information; it covers UNIX, VMS, DOS, Win32, OS/2 & Mac versions.
lynx-dev is a very busy list, with many contributors & topics:
some discuss very technical programming & system problems,
some find it a good way to learn about Internet software issues,
some are users who kibbitz & make comments & suggestions,
some just dip into occasional items which interest them.
It's very much an international volunteer community.

There are archives of lynx-dev at :
you might like to visit them to get the flavor of lynx-dev discussions.
For all other information about Lynx, goto .

TO UNSUBSCRIBE or contact the list owner:
You may ask the volunteers at lynx-dev for help if you are stumped
on some point of Lynx installation or use, but please DO NOT SEND
list administration problems -- like unsubscribe -- to lynx-dev!

If you want to remove yourself from lynx-dev,
send e-mail to  address@hidden  with the following command
in the body of your message:

    unsubscribe lynx-dev

If you are mailing from a different address then send:

    unsubscribe lynx-dev <address@hidden>

substituting the address lynx-dev mails to in place of the  < ... > .
To receive a brief description of the mailing-list user commands,
send the following message:

If you ever need to contact the owner of lynx-dev --
eg if you have trouble unsubscribing -- send e-mail to

Note: Subject headers are ignored.
If you are currently using Lynx to view this document,
pressing  c  will make Lynx send e-mail to the list owner.
This mailing list is hosted by Signet Partners Inc
as a service to the Lynx user/developer community.

Last updated May 1998.

SUPPORT     ___________//___,  Philip Webb : address@hidden
ELECTRIC   /] [] [] [] [] []|  Centre for Urban & Community Studies
TRANSIT    `-O----------O---'  University of Toronto

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