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lynx-dev lynx2.8.1dev.10

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.1dev.10
Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 23:50:11 -0400 (EDT)

1998-05-10 (2.8.1dev.10)
* eliminate assignment to stderr for trace-file by making tfp a function. - TD
* added John Davis' keymaps/keysym patch (it really should be integrated with
  the normal lynx.cfg file).
* tweak chartrans, "Convert the octet to Unicode":  incoming symbols >127 but <
  LYlowest_eightbit[IN-charset] now ignored, previously displayed as UFFFD.
  (SGML.c, HTPlain.c, LYCharUtils.c) - LP
* removed conflicting/unused declaration of 'bzero()' from tcp.h (from report
  by Ashraf Zorkani <address@hidden>) - TD
* modify the set/unset/toggle options to allow "on" and "off" values also - TD
* apply the "partial display" patch, modified from:  
  The behavior is controlled by a compile-time option (DISP_PARTIAL), by a
  command-line argument (-partial), and by a lynx.cfg option (PARTIAL).  - BL
* extend command-line option processing of set/unset/toggle options 
      -toggle-     (set that toggle to FALSE) 
      -toggle+     (set that toggle to TRUE) 
      lynx -show_cursor+ -case- 
  or with explicit 1/0 values, e.g.,
      -toggle=0     (set that toggle to FALSE) 
      -toggle=1     (set that toggle to TRUE)  
  NOTE:  this allows you to change a few flags that would previously have been
  controlled by lynx.cfg, and are security-related, such as -locexec or
  -telnet.  I believe there is no issue, because if the user can control the
  command line to Lynx, he could have run `lynx -cfg my_cfg_file` and
  circumvented those settings anyway.  - BL
* fix for buffer-overrun in LYMail.c when processing a mailto:very-log-address
  URL - BL
* correct, for OS/2 EMX, a place in LYConvertToURL() which must not use
  HTDOS_wwwName() (patch by Jason F. McBrayer <address@hidden>)
* similar changes to LYCurses.c, LYMain.c, LYStrings.c, add src/makefile.wsl, 
for building
  DOS version with slang - Bill Schiavo
* modify LYCurses.c, LYMain.c, LYStrings.c, add src/makefile.dsl, for building
  DOS version with slang - DK
* fix to improve reloading if user changed assume_charset in options menu
  using ^A, which sometimes did not work - LP
* add several chartrans-related files to test/ directory:  spaces.html,
  c1.html, raw8bit.html - LP
* fixes to compile on SunOS with K&R compiler. - TD

Thomas E. Dickey

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