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Re: lynx-dev override history push?

From: Ty Sarna
Subject: Re: lynx-dev override history push?
Date: 10 May 1998 18:25:06 -0500

In article <address@hidden>,
David Combs  <address@hidden> wrote:
> I have been suggesting for some time that there be a way
> to pop the history stack several at a time, WITHOUT having
> to look at each popped page, eg a top = 23  or  top -= 4 
> kind-of-thing.

That would be nice as an additional feature that the user can control,
however for my application I don't want the user to be able to control it,
I can't expect them to know how to control those kinds of things, and
they're not going remember how much to pop anyway. I'd like something
controlled by the content rather than the user (either something in the
anchor tag that says "pop me before following this link" or something in
a page or it's headers that says "don't push me on the stack")

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