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lynx-dev Here is a HUGE challenge! ! !

From: david
Subject: lynx-dev Here is a HUGE challenge! ! !
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 22:44:34 -0700

Ok group,

Here is a real challenge !!!

Here is my question that I am seeking help with.  I need to interface
several programs together to get certain results.  I am only giving the
first part of the problem, because this project is so involved.  I have
told a few people about my plan and their commits were explaining to me
what I am leaving out.  I probably have not left anything out, I just
don’t want to confuse anyone with too many details or too much typing.
Instead I am asking for help with a small phase of it.  I will complete
and add the other phases of the project piece by piece.  But for this

Here is the problem that I need to over come.

I have a program that compiles HTML coding into a single EXE file.  It’s
great!  I can design a web site that contains all the info that I want
to show including images and backgrounds, then compile the HTML coding
into a single EXE.  I then may copy this single file to a floppy and
mail it to a person.  Once the person gets this floppy, they place it in
their computer and click the single EXE file and up pops an browser that
will display the web pages.  This browser is part of the software that
compiles the Exe file.  The links will work with each page.  But keep in
mind that the pages are only local to the browser.  In other words the
person would be viewing the pages on the floppy only.  If the person
wants to fill out a form, they may do so.  When the person hits the
"submit" button, then the local EXE file will open the default browser
which maybe netscape or explorer (which ever browser they may have on
their computer, in many cases they may not have a browser on the
computer because they may not be online).  Then from that point their
browser will make a dial up connection with their ISP.

Here are the changes or modification that I need to make.  When they
open the local browser, they can still browse the local files on the
floppy but when they click on the "submit" button instead of it opening
the local browser, it needs to use Lynx browser to FTP the information
to my server.  The information that is sent is an HTML form.  This needs
to be automatic for the user.  The user may need to enter in modem
information but for the most part it needs to be preset and as automatic
as possible.

Here is another minor problem that I will need to over come.  (This may
sound crazy but I am very serious about this next feature)  The person
looking at this EXE file may not have an Internet dial up account.  This
is why things needs to be as automatic as possible.

I do not want the client to see lynx browser.  Lynx is a freeware text
type browser but it does have ftp.  The source code is available and can
be modified.

Just to clarify a point, the client will transfer info via FTP to my
server, the lynx browser Is included in the floppy and the lynx browser
is preset with FTP info so that it will automatically send the infor
that they filled out.

If you visit you can download an
evaluation copy of the HTML compiler.  You should at least go read about
it so you will have a good understanding of what it does.  Then if you
go to   you will see and EXE file
that you can download.  This is a compiled HTML page.  I made these few
pages as an example for you to see.  At the same site you can see the
HTML pages that are not compiled.  Just copy the pages if you need to
use them to understand them.

NOW FOR THE MOST IMPORANT MATTER…All of this needs to fit on a floppy
and I still need to have room left over for other things on the floppy.
These Items can be zipped but when the persons clicks on the EXE file it
needs to be self extracting and start up the browser.

One last thought.  Info Courier is used only to view the web pages.  The
advantage is I will be able to quickly and easily change the content of
the pages.  Also, the pages will have a nice appearance.  Is there a
method that will do what I need done?  Is it possible to use another
method to get the same results?  Is it possible to build a simple
browser to do this?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly at my
email address.

If there is anyone who can help me achieve this task, I would be very
appreciative.  Newsgroups are great because it is a give and take
group.  However, I do not have programming experience that I can give
back.  I do have HTML experience and would be more than happy to help
anyone with web design or building.  Also, once this project done, I
most certainly would like to add a link at my web site back to the
people who help me.  I would also be willing to put up a page at my site
for the people who worked on this and include their portfolio or other

I am looking forward to any help that any one will provide for me.



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