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lynx-dev Re: Mailer Modularity

From: vtailor
Subject: lynx-dev Re: Mailer Modularity
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 05:23:50 -0500 (CDT)

>     * From: address@hidden (Jason F. McBrayer)
>     * Date: 06 May 1998 10:11:32 -0600
>     * In-Reply-To: Michael Warner's message of Wed, 6 May 1998 00:07:46
>       -0700
>>>>>> "MW" == Michael Warner <address@hidden> writes:
>MW> EXTERNAL:mailto:${HOME}/bin/scripts/ %s:TRUE
>MW> #!/bin/sh
>MW> #, called by lynx EXTERNAL for mailto:'s
>MW> # receives 'mailto:address@hidden' as it's argument,
>MW> # passes on 'address@hidden'
>MW> ADDRESS=`echo $1 | cut -f2 -d:`
>MW> ${HOME}/bin/mutt ${ADDRESS}
>Yeah it did.  And it convinced me also to go ahead and write a REXX
>version of it for including in the OS/2 Lynx distribution:
>/* lxmail.cmd, called by lynx EXTERNAL for mailto:'s */
>'@echo off'
>parse arg mailto ':' address
>'elm' address
>/* End of script */
>which was much easier than I expected.  Thanks for the example.
Somewhere out there, there is public-domain code for writing a portable,
cross-platform smtp mailer that obviates the need for external mailer
program with interfaces that vary wildly over different operating
systems.  I can think of a public-domain Windows news program that has
built-in mailer code which is a candidate for this.

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