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Re: lynx-dev \ as many times as I want

From: Jacob Poon
Subject: Re: lynx-dev \ as many times as I want
Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 13:12:18 -0400

On Mon, 4 May 1998, David Henderson wrote:

> Issues to consider:
> What happens if there's POSTed content, and you have a
> "view-source:http://place/cgi-bin/postme.cgi";?

You are supposed to view whatever contents the server sent to the browser,
including the server side included web page (eg Geoguide banner in
Geocities), or error messages. In this case, the 'source' will be error
messages if you don't have proper permissions. 

> Could you view-source: non-HTML files?

Yes.  Lynx already does this on 'ftp://', 'file:', etc.  The real
question is, can you view every type of URL as source.  In this case, the
answer is no for 'mailto:'. 

> Do view-source:'s go in the history?

I don't think Lynx should add the 'view-source:' version of given URL in
addition to rendered version when toggling between source and rendered
URL.  But history list should (and did, but not explicit mentioned) store
the status of whether a URL is viewed in raw mode or not. 

> When re-\-ing, do you re-fetch or render the view-source:?

Technically, it should render the 'view-source:' URL, but not the one Lynx
puts on the screen, because Lynx's on-screen version of URL source chopped
long lines, which should not be treated as the real URL source. Lynx
should directly use the URL source in the cache.

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