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Re: [lwip-users] POST data using several packets

From: Jesper Vestergaard
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] POST data using several packets
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 20:19:11 +0200
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Kieran Mansley wrote:
On Thu, 2009-06-25 at 16:48 +0200, Jesper Vestergaard wrote:

If I comment the pxRxBuffer = netconn_recv( pxNetCon ); line and uncomment pxRxBuffer = NULL; The data is sent like it should. What is causing that and how do i fix it so i can recive multiple packets but still respond to the request?/

Looks OK to me at first glance, so not sure why it's not working.  Do
you do the netconn_write() straight after that loop?

It sounds like you might be running out of buffer space or something
like that.  I would suggest turning on the LWIP_DEBUG code and comparing
the output from the case where it works to the case where it doesn't.
The LWIP_STATS might also reveal what is failing.


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Where do i set the buffer space?

When enabling debug i get a long list of compile errors.

src/lwip-1.3.0//src/core/tcp_out.c: In function 'tcp_write':
src/lwip-1.3.0//src/core/tcp_out.c:97: error: expected ')' before 'U16_F'
src/lwip-1.3.0//src/core/tcp_out.c: In function 'tcp_enqueue':
src/lwip-1.3.0//src/core/tcp_out.c:141: error: expected ')' before 'U16_F'

so no debug info at the moment.

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