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[lwip-devel] Suggestion to split Filelists.cmake

From: Ari Suutari
Subject: [lwip-devel] Suggestion to split Filelists.cmake
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2019 20:56:02 +0200


I have been integrating lwip into my own cmake-based build in a larger project.
Before, when I was using Gnu Make, I used to include Filelists.mk in my project
as it only provides some handy variables with source file names.

I assumed that Filelists.cmake would be the same for cmake world.
But it isn’t. In addition to variables like lwipcore_SRCS it also defines
some cmake targets, which I don’t need in my builds. 

Would the project consider splitting Filelists.cmake into two files,
one that has only variables for source files names (like the Gnu Make 
Filelists.mk does)
and an another one, which has rest of the stuff ? This would make integration 

   Ari S.

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