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Re: [Ltib] Toolchain error using ltib - M544X coldfire

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] Toolchain error using ltib - M544X coldfire
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 17:05:41 +0000
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Hi Jon,

The Savannah update is dependent on Freescale pushing out their content and sending patched to the list (please ask them to do so).

What I sent should work for the older 2.6.20. LTIB is requesting a missing file, but clearly '-' is wrong. Is this from the Savannah CVS copy of LTIB? if so what have you changed (if anything), please send a 'cvs diff -u'

Also, if you sent the composite kernel spec file (if will be tmp/kernelxxxx.spec) I might be able to see something. As I say my kernel built without any problem.

Regards, Stuart

Jon Burke wrote:
Thanks for your reply Stuart, that didn't work, I get this:

Testing network connectivity for gpp
OK GPP: is available
Try -.tar.bz2.md5 from the GPP
16:49:57 ERROR 404: Not Found.
Try -.tar.bz2 from the GPP
16:49:58 ERROR 404: Not Found.
Can't get: -.tar.bz2 at ./ltib line 794.

I was using the Freescale website version (ltib-mcf5445x-20071214) which
includes kernel version 2.6.23 and u-boot bootloader. But this has
issues (debugger doesn't work!) so was hoping that the savannah version
would be more up to date, but it seems like that's not the case, at
least for this particular target. I will try your suggestion of prodding

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From: Stuart Hughes [mailto:address@hidden Sent: 11 January 2010 14:42
To: Jon Burke
Cc: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Ltib] Toolchain error using ltib - M544X coldfire

Hi Jon,

I didn't try building the BSP, so hence didn't run into this. Looking into this I can see that Freescale were transitioning this BSP at the time it was merged out. I don't know if they've released a update since

on their site, but there's not been anything merged out from them or sent to this list. Basically the problem is they were moving from dBUG bootloader to u-boot and don't look to have completed it.

To work around this I've found the older versions that _should_ work with what you have. To used this do this:

* save both attachments to config/platform/mcf5445x
* remove the current composite kernel specfile: rm tmp/*
* re-run ./ltib

I believe the bootable kernel is vmlinux.bin (in rootfs/boot). I have built this but have not way of testing.

BTW: maybe you could email Freescale and ask them if they have a completed update for this platform and if possibly something they could submit against Savannah CVS.

Regards, Stuart

Jon Burke wrote:
Thanks for that Stuart, the install gets further now, but fails on
building the kernel. I haven't changed any of the LTIB or kernel
configuration settings from defaults. This is the error:

*** End of Linux kernel configuration.
*** Execute 'make' to build the kernel or try 'make help'.

+ '[' -f

ev ']'
+ diff -q ./.config

+ '[' -n '' ']'
+ '[' '%{kernel_series}' = 2.4 ']'
+ make ARCH=m68k 'HOSTCC=ccache /usr/bin/gcc -B/usr/bin//' uImage
scripts/kconfig/conf -s arch/m68k/Kconfig
make: *** No rule to make target `uImage'.  Stop.
error: Bad exit status from

RPM build errors:
    Bad exit status from /home/jon/ltib_latest/ltib/tmp/rpm-tmp.40015
Build time for kernel-2.6.20-m5445x: 35 seconds

Failed building kernel-2.6.20-m5445x

I presume your build was successful, is there something else I'm

-----Original Message-----
From: Stuart Hughes [mailto:address@hidden Sent: 08 January 2010 13:50
To: Jon Burke
Cc: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Ltib] Toolchain error using ltib - M544X coldfire

Hi Jon,

It looks like the merge out from Freescale was inconsistent in some areas the m5445x platform was not in the toolchain config control
I've updated these now on Savannah to what I _think_ they should be.
you do a cvs update and re-run ./ltib -m config it should find them (remember to save). I get this, please check yours is the same. If
is, build and test.

--- Toolchain selection.
     Toolchain (gcc-4.3.43 eglibc-2.5.43 mk68k toolchain.)  --->
(-march=isac -mcpu=54455 -msoft-float) Enter any CFLAGS for gcc/g++

Regards, Stuart

Jon Burke wrote:
I've previously successfully used LTIB for the coldfire M54455 using
BSP on Freescale's website. But Freescale don't provide updates, and
seems not to work on new Fedora 12. So I figured I would try the
on Savannah. I followed the instructions in the FAQ, but when running
ltib, I always get the following error:

You must set configuration values in config/platform/mcf5445x/.config

I have "Freescale M544X coldfire/m68k (MMU)" selected as the target.
can see that it has installed various tools in /opt/ltib, but it does
not seem to include gcc. The FAQ says toolchains "are stored on the
as the binary rpms and will be downloaded and installed as required."
this wrong? Does anyone know if I need to install a toolchain myself
first, and if so how?


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