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Horizontal bracket trouble

From: Daren Scot Wilson
Subject: Horizontal bracket trouble
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2017 03:43:38 -0700
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Fellow Louters,

I'm nearly done with a math paper, typeset in Lout. Lout's done quite well for this project. I like using Lout, and haven't used its main competitor since (mumble) years ago. I think my last LaTeX neuron died about two years ago.

But ps2pdf, I'm not so impressed by. In several places I use a horizontal curly bracket to indicate a section of an expression. It looks good when viewed in the Postscript file produced by Lout. But when I make a PDF by running ps2pdf, it's transformed into boxes of the type for when a glyph can't be found. This is on an Arch Linux machine with plenty of RAM, fast CPU, etc.

The Lout code for this looks like:

@IndentedNumberedDisplay @Tag {yeqasupb} @Math { y = @beeofthem {a @opone ... @opone a} = a sup B }

My mydefs file for this project defines @beeofthem:

import @Math
def @beeofthem
    right xxx
    xxx wideabove {90d @Rotate blbrace } above {B ` of them}

This is likely a problem in ps2pdf, not Lout, but maybe experienced Louters (?) have seen something like this before, involving turning something 90 degrees. Does anyone know of a workaround?

I don't think I can usefully attach images to an email going to a nongu.org mailing list. Screen caps from my PS/PDF viewer are in this FP posting:


Daren Scot Wilson
Gresham Oregon

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