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Index options

From: Yves Forkl
Subject: Index options
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 21:40:40 +0100
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I would like to create several indexes in my PhD thesis. After thorough reading of section 2.11 of the User's Guide and some experiments, the following questions remain unanswered for me:

1) Which option do I need to set or change in order to change the title of Index A, rather than the main index? At p. 70, the User's Guide does not say any more than: "There are setup file options to change the titles of indexes." In which setup file can I find this option, when producing a book?

2) The User's Guide mentions at p. 70 that @IndexA can be renamed to, e.g., @AuthorIndex. Which are the implications of this on related symbols, i.e. will I have to rename @IndexABlanks to @AuthorIndexBlanks (and analogously for all further options) or will these symbols still work? Or is it just for the convenience of using a telling name when marking the terms to be indexed?

3) In the index entries, I don't want the comma to be printed before the first page number, as indexes in German typically don't use a comma here. It seems, however, that there is no option for changing this. What could I try to get this comma removed?

4) Being able to show (partial) synonymy between index entries would be great. All that is needed for this is a subentry with just a cross-reference instead of page ranges ("see also ..." before other subentries with page ranges, or "see ..." as the only subentry). To create them, I thought of putting something like this into my document:

basic @RawIndex
 { Basic, see also tagOfFundamental @CrossLink Fundamental}
basic.very @SubIndex { Very Basic }
fundamental @RawIndex
 { Fundamental }
fundamental.really @SubIndex { Really Fundamental}

The problem is, I am not sure how to have the tag tagOfFundamental inserted by Lout in the right place, i.e. where the index entry for "Fundamental" will be placed. How do you do this?

(Often or always, bidirectional cross-references for near-synonymy might be preferable, but I didn't show this above to keep the example simple, and adding the second target is technically trivial.)

Or do you know of a more clever approach for reflecting (partial) synonymy among index terms?

Can somebody help?


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