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Non-mathematics inside @Math?

From: kahl
Subject: Non-mathematics inside @Math?
Date: 20 Mar 2009 14:47:49 -0000
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Hi all,

  does Lout have something corresponding to LaTeX's \mbox,
allowing me to include non-mathematic material inside @Math?

I have two main uses for that:

 * Some of my mathematical reasoning involves Haskell terms,
   so I want @Haskell {} formatting for those.
   However, currently this is overridden by the surrounding @Math (or @Eq).

   For example, @Haskell {n `div` 2} looks quite different inside
   @Math {2 cdot (@Haskell {n `div` 2}) <= n}.

 * For calculational proofs,
   I do not like to have @Math inside the layout combinators,
   but prefer to do the layout inside @Math.

   For example,

   @Math { |1f
       p <= (p vee q)
     /0.3f == |
       p vee (p vee q) = p vee q
     |3f @MBox {Definition of @Math {non <=}}
     /0.3f == |
       (p vee p) vee q = p vee q
     | @MBox {Associativity of @Math {non vee}}
     /0.3f == |
       p vee q = p vee q
     | @MBox {Idempotence of @Math {non vee}}

   Currently I have to write

    @R "Idempotence of " non vee

   , have to be very careful with trailing spaces,
   and am very limited in what I can do there ---
   frequently I would need at least cross-references.


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