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Setup files: processing and deployment

From: Yves Forkl
Subject: Setup files: processing and deployment
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 23:07:31 +0100
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Hi all,

I am trying to re-organize the files of my Lout-based system, in order to clearly separate my modifications to Lout's setup files from their pristine version. The set of modified files is meant to reside in a central place, i.e. not be put alongside with the documents processed.

While being familiar with the concepts of @Include vs. @SysInclude etc. and having been successful in tweaking Lout's setup files to make it do (almost) everything I wanted it to, I am still missing some important information that I could find nowhere in Lout's documentation.

1) In which order does Lout process the setup files, and which is the relationship between them? I am especially curious about the role of standard.ld.

2) I've been systematically using symlinks from my setup files into the Lout library and database directories, in some cases replacing the original file. Is this a reasonable approach? (Lout seems to compile some of the setup files, e.g. standard.ld, which left me with "fatal error: cannot write to database file /opt/lout/lout.lib/data/standard.lix".)

3) How can I keep the modifications to the original Lout installation to a minimum, say, like just using a reference to a kind of "root" file of my modified setup? Would this have to be done in standard.ld?

I hope someone can shed some light, or recommend best practices for keeping modifications to Lout's setup files in a separate layer somehow.


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