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Index entries and include files

From: Wm. David Bentlage
Subject: Index entries and include files
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 00:13:53 +0000


I'm using lout 3.30.  I've been having problems with lout generating the 
following error:

lout file "list-include.wri" (from "00main.wri" line 30):
    4,19: cross reference @Index&&12.4255.list-include.wri.1 used previously, 
at "00main.wri" 12,10 \ "list-include.wri" 4,19
    4,19: cross reference @PageMarker&&12.4255.list-include.wri.1 used 
previously, at "00main.wri" 12,10 \ "list-include.wri" 4,19
    4,19: link destination 12.4255.list-include.wri.1 ignored (there is already 
one at "00main.wri" 12,10 \ "list-include.wri" 4,19)

The issue appears to come from @Including the same file in my document twice.  
This include file contains Index entries.  If I make a copy of 
"list-include.wri" and use it instead for the second @Include, the error goes 

Is there a way to overcome this error?  I really want to be able to produce a 
section of documentation, including index entries, and place it in a file and 
then subsequently @Include this information where needed.  Making multiple 
copies of the @Include file seems to defeat the point of @Include.

Below is a sample document and @Include file which creates the error:

@Chapter @Title {Introduction} @Begin
@Section @Title{A} @Tag{aaa} @Begin

@DTI{one}{Item one}


@End @Section
@End @Chapter

And the following is the sample include file, "list-include.wri".

@DTI{Item}{Item from include file to index.
galileo @RawIndex{Galileo Galilei}
galileo.telescope @SubIndex{telescope, his use of}


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