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Re: Italic Greek letters in lout

From: benoit
Subject: Re: Italic Greek letters in lout
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 14:12:55 +0100
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may I ask a little help to "find a Type1 Greek font that has
the variations I need", i.e. at least Italic?

I would really need to have Greek italic symbols in my equations...

Thank you so much,

PS: In an old user manual I found there was a trick to make
greek italic letters in equation, but it seems not working
with the new @Math environment.

Quoting "Eric Radman" <address@hidden>:

On 14:53 Fri 14 Nov     , address@hidden wrote:
Hi everybody,

may I ask if anybody knows how to make italic and/or bold
Greek letters in lout 3.26?

The standard PostScript Symbol font doesn't have a bold or italic
version, so first you have to find a Type1 Greek font that has the
variations you need.

Is there a page somewhere that references 8859-x fonts that are known to
work well with Lout?

Eric Radman  |  http://eradman.com

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