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Re: Strange @Tbl behaviour

From: Gabor Greif
Subject: Re: Strange @Tbl behaviour
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 02:44:29 +0200

Am 28.10.2007 um 02:23 schrieb address@hidden:

There is a second @Tbl (also in the @Diag, which might be unnecessary,
but prefer to put it into the diagram) that should appear to the
right of the first,
so I use "|1fx" to separate them.

So far so good, but it appears that the line heights of the first
table influence
the second in an ugly way. Some @Nodes are high, creating high lines,
and the corresponding lines of the second table inherit those.

| aligns the row marks af its two arguments (this is what you observe);
||  does not.

Thanks a lot, "||1fx" did the trick. Time to re-read the fine manual I think :-)



If you manually generate the rows in such a situation
(at least in simple cases perhaps preferable to the sledgehammer @Tbl),
you may need to fiddle with //^ or ^/ etc.; see the expert guide.

Hope that helps!


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