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Issues with report style

From: Martti Haukijärvi
Subject: Issues with report style
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 20:51:10 +0300


I am writing a thesis using the report style. My document structure
should be like this:

Section                page number
-------                ----------------
Cover sheet
Abstract (in Finnish)                       i
Abstract (in English)                       ii
Foreword                                        iii
Table of contents                            iv
Terminology                                    v
1. Introduction                             1  ( numbering in Arabic
starts here)
... sections...                                2....n

I have these problems:

1. Location of table of contents. There is no @ContentsGoesHere symbol
in report, so how can I determine the location of TOC?
2. Start of table of contents. TOC should start from Introduction, and
should not include Terminology which comes after TOC.
3. Page numbering. I have fiddled with the @PageHeaders options
(Simple and Titles), but haven't found out how to define which pages
are intro pages and which are not.

Thank you for any help.

Martti Haukijärvi

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