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Re: Including Lout eps output into Lout documents.

From: Joe Beach
Subject: Re: Including Lout eps output into Lout documents.
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 07:49:07 -0600
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I have run into this problem before, too, but have always worked around it by including the lout code for the figure directly in the document instead of making the EPS figure first and then including that. I don't have a desperate need for this fix right now, but I will be pleased to see it in a new release. It will make it nicer for building figures from "stock" parts.

Joe Beach

Jeff Kingston wrote:
We're rolling again with William's patch.  If you need any more
information or testing, we'll be happy to help.  Thanks much.

I love it when people provide fixes along with their bug reports.
Funny, I struck this problem myself the other day for the first
time, but the files were large so I was able to pretend to
myself that it was a memory problem.

Since you are not being held up and I am short of time just now,
I'll keep your report on file and sort it out in a couple of
weeks, after I get back from the conference I'm going to.  If
anyone out there is desperate for a fix for this, let me know
and I'll work on it sooner.

I can feel a new release coming on.  Better start sending in
those comments and suggestions.


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