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@Doc vs. @Document //

From: Stefan Schwarzer
Subject: @Doc vs. @Document //
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 19:49:08 +0100
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Accidentally, I used

@SysInclude { doc }

instead of

@SysInclude ( doc }

in a test document. Lout processed the file without complaints, but afterwards
I noticed that only the last page was shown in a PS/PDF viewer; I couldn't
flip back to former pages though their text was in the PostScript file.

I just searched in the User Guide and found in chapter 3 that @Document can
be used instead of @Doc. Obviously, I had overlooked the // after @Document
when I read the section. I think, Lout should either emit a warning if
@Document is used without // (if such a warning is possible) or the User
Guide should be more explicit about the use of // .

Probably, I made the mistake because @Document is mentioned first in section
1.14. ("Languages other than English"), but the // after @Document's
options isn't emphasized or even explained.

Nonetheless many thanks for your work on Lout! :-)


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