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Re: Some suggestions

From: Markku Sakkinen
Subject: Re: Some suggestions
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 14:58:31 +0300
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I wrote a week ago:

> 4. I have used a setup file slightly modified from "book", where the
> appearance of the introductory pages has been changed from the defaults.
> For some reasons, such changes always seem to produce an extra page before
> the title page, although I have not defined @BeforeTitlePage.  Lout also
> always give an error message like this:
>      5,1: unresolved cross reference @Roman&&0
> Of course, the extra page can be removed afterward from the PostScript file.
> However, it is not possible to start the numbering of Intro pages with 1
> from the page following the title page, because @IntroFirstPageNumber
> cannot be set to -1.

Now I found out the reason: my modified setup file was based on a very old
version of "book", and so didn't work well together with the current versions
of other setup files.  I merged my own settings into the new "book", and got
rid of the mysterious extra page.

If I set to @IntroFirstPageNumber 0, so that the first page after the title
page is numbered 1, the error message persists but is harmless.
This leads me to a new suggestion: at least in a book, the title page should
not be counted as an Intro page.  The header and footer options for "intro
start" pages are hardly appropriate for it.


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