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Re: @Cell source question

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: @Cell source question
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 20:24:55 +1000

> As Edgar suggested, I've been becoming more acquainted with the
> source, so when I wanted to make a macro that used the @Cell symbol
> from within @Tbl, I grepped through the include directory, and found
> that all the references to @Cell are in tblf. However, @Cell is never
> defined, that I can tell. It's always given as a named parameter of a
> named parameter of a symbol. How does one construct an extend path for
> that?

Anyone who plays with the symbol structure of tbl has got to be
crazy.  However, in principle you should be able to define a
macro using one of the @Cell symbols like this:

    import @TblSetup @Tbl aformat
    macro @MyCell { @Cell paint { yellow } rule { yes } }

I really doubt whether the world needs a way to do this.  This
is what all those options to @TblSetup and @Tbl are for.

If you wanted this for all @Cell symbols you would have to
define one importing aformat, one importing bformat, etc.,
and each would need a different name.

If it doesn't work, I don't care!


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