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Re: Import?

From: Jason Whittle
Subject: Re: Import?
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 22:39:03 -0400

On Thu, 09 Sep 2004 13:22:27 -0600, Joe Beach <address@hidden> wrote:
> I'm not exactly sure. It might help if you posted your mydefs and a copy
> of the full error output. Also, what are you including (@SysInclude,
> @Include) at the beginning of your document file? It might be that you
> are correctly defining the mydefs, but you you aren't using a document
> type that defines the @SubSection tag. Or, it isn't enclosed by
> @BeginSubSections ... @EndSubSections.

I've pared down the mydefs file to two lines, to make sure that
nothing else is interacting; mydefs is down to two lines:

import @BasicSetup
def @Charm { @SubSection }

I know I should be using a macro for a simple substitution, but I
eliminated all of the functionality of the definition in order to make
sure it was really a scope problem. In addition, Basser Lout fails on
the third line of my source file, with the first three lines reading:

@SysInclude{ diag }
@SysInclude{ tbl }
@SysInclude{ doc }

Also, I've tried the same thing with other symbols, like
@BeginSubSection, @Section, and @BeginSection, and none of them are
recognized either. I don't have a copy of the error in front of me,
but with the above mydefs, the "unknown or misspelt" error is the only
one that occurs, other than a notice stating that the pass terminated
on line 3 of ma.lt. As a final caveat, I should note that I'm using
the Win32 binary distribution.

Thank you for all your help and consideration. 

Jason Whittle

P.S. If anyone on this list is interested in trying GMail, I have
extra invites now and the other open-source lists I'm on have already
had invites posted to them.

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