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Re: Problems with @Figure, @Verbatim and more

From: kahl
Subject: Re: Problems with @Figure, @Verbatim and more
Date: 22 Jun 2004 13:04:12 -0400
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 > The most severe problem so far was that I completely failed to put a
 > 200-line program into the appendix of a @SysInclude {report} document:
 >   @Appendix 
 >     @Title { Benutzter Matlab bzw. Octave Quelltext }
 >   @Begin
 >     @PP @Verbatim { @Include { "../../crosscor.m" } }
 >   @End @Appendix
 > Lout says this:
 >   report.lout:203:3: 99.2c object too high for 23.7c space; will try
 >   elsewhere
 > I just realized, that if I use @Verbatim without a leading @PP, it will
 > work, however, spacing after the title would look very wrong.

I would use @DP or @LP instead of @PP, or an explicit vertical
concatenation like //2f  --- as far as I understand, the problem is the
horizontal concatenation of the indent with the @Verbatim contents.


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