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Computer Modern Fonts (More...)

From: Salman Khilji
Subject: Computer Modern Fonts (More...)
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 18:27:24 -0700
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Regarding my previous post, when I manually removed the extra kerning pairs 
from Computer Modern afm files, I forgot to decrement the StartKernPairs 
entry.  Hence I was getting a fatal error.

I now have a couple of more questions about using Computer Modern PostScript 
Fonts with Lout.

One has to first edit the fontdefs.ld file and add appropriate entries for the 
computer moden fonts.  For cmitt10 as an example, I added the following:

{ @FontDef
    @Tag { CMITT-Base }
    @Family { CMITT }
    @Face { Base }
    @Name { CMITT10 }
    @Metrics { cmitt10.afm }
    @Mapping { LtLatin1.LCM }

1)  I chose LtLatin1.LCM as the mapping.  Is this correct?  I don't know what 
a mapping is and I don't know if what I chose is correct.  Can someone who 
has already experimented with Computer Modern Fonts please email me their 
fontdefs.ld file.

2)  Notice that in the above example uses cmitt10.afm file.  For the cmitt10 
case, we only are provided a design font size of 10---so we end up using 
this.  For another example such as cmmi, we are provided cmmi5.pfb, 
cmmi6.pfb, cmmi7.pfb, cmmi8.pfb, cmmi9.pfb, and cmmi10.pfb.  Which one shall 
I use in the @Metrics section above?  I suppose since Type1 format is 
resizalbe, we could simply choose one size and discard all the other, right?  
Or shall we have a separate entry for each size?  I tried to cheat here and 
thought I could create a separate @FonDef entry for each size but I was 
surprised that Lout was not happy having a number in the @Family tag above. 
i.e  CMITT10 was not an acceptable Family name---CMITT was acceptable; Lout 
would generate a fatal error if you tried to give it a Family name that has a 
# in it.  Thats why I am thinking that I would disregard the size and strip 
it off the name.

3)  I created the following input file:

    @SysInclude { doc }
    @Doc @Text @Begin
    @Display @Heading { @Underline {Introduction by W. J. Harvey} }
    { Palatino Base } @Font { The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog }
    { CMR Base } @Font { The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog }
    { CMITT Base } @Font { The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog }
    { CMFIB Base } @Font { The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog }
    { CMBXTI Base } @Font { The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog }
    @End @Text 

I noticed that all the fonts looked good in both postscript and pdf except 
CMBXTI---the very last example (I used ps2pdf instead of using the Lout PDF 
backend).  In this case the word "quick" and "brown" had very little space in 
between.  Actually both of these words had no internal space and it appeared 
as one word.  Same thing happened to "lazy" and "dog".  i.e. they appeared as 
one word with no internal spacing.  Is this a bug in Lout or a bug in font 
description and kerning information in the pfb file itself?


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