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Adding Computer Modern Fonts

From: Salman Khilji
Subject: Adding Computer Modern Fonts
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 02:36:00 -0700
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I am a newbie.  I want to use Computer Modern fonts with Lout.  I downloaded 
Adobe Type 1 format of Computer Modern fonts from some TeX site.

I made the following to fontdef.ld:

{ @FontDef
    @Tag { ComputerModern-Bold }
    @Family { ComputerModern }
    @Face { Bold }
    @Name { CMBX10 }
    @Metrics { cmbx10.afm }
    @Mapping { LtLatin1.LCM }

Next, I copied cmbx10.afm to the fonts directory.  Then I ran lout in init 
mode.  Next I created the following input file:

@SysInclude { doc }
@Doc @Text @Begin
Hello, world
{ Helvetica Base } @Font { Hello World }
{ ComputerModern Bold } @Font { Hello World }
@End @Text

When I run lout, I get the following errors:

lout file "/home/salman/lout/lib/data/fontdefs.ld" (from "doc" line 376, from 
"1" line 1):
   41,16: ignoring unencoded ligature character ff in font file 
/home/salman/lout/lib/font/cmbx10.afm (line 128)
   41,16: fatal error: kerning pair k a appears twice in font file 
/home/salman/lout/lib/font/cmbx10.afm (line 288)

I manually deleted the duplicate kerning pairs, but after that it still ended 
up in a fatal error.

I am using version 3.25 of Lout.


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