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Re: text display

From: Albert Kinderman
Subject: Re: text display
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 21:02:31 -0700
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If you want the same text at the bottom of every page, modify the appropriate lines from mydoc (after copying doc to mydoc and using @Include {mydoc} instead of @SysInclude {doc}). I am assuming you have left page headers to the default value of Simple.

DEFAULT in doc
# @PageHeaders  { Simple                } # None Simple Titles NoTitles

# @OddTop               { @Centre{- @PageNum -} } # Simple page headers
# @OddFoot              { @Null                 }
# @EvenTop              { @Centre{- @PageNum -} }
# @EvenFoot             { @Null                 }

Note that the default for Simple page headers is a centered page number at the top of both odd and even pages. If you want page numbers at the bottom instead of at the top, remove the leading #'s and switch the centered page numbers to the bottom. If you want the same text, for example invoice, centered at the bottom of each page, use

# @OddTop               { @Centre{- @PageNum -} } # Simple page headers
@OddFoot                { @Centre {invoice}     }
# @EvenTop              { @Centre{- @PageNum -} }
@EvenFoot               { @Centre {invoice}     }

This leaves the page numbering at the top. You can also apply other formatting to the words in the foot.


Tatyana Alexeyev wrote:

I need to display a text at the end of each page.
I do not want to use a FootNote since I need a simple
text, which will be centered and underlined. Footnote
procude the text with the line at the top.

Can somebody give me an exaple how to place a text at
the Foot position.
My document product a miltipage table, so I need to
place this text at the end of each page.

Does somebody has an example.

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