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Re: converting/including SVG

From: Mark Summerfield
Subject: Re: converting/including SVG
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 09:58:14 +0100

On Thursday 24 October 2002 22:16 pm, Ben Saylor wrote:
> I have some SVG files that I need to include in a lout document, so I am
> trying to find a way to convert them to EPS.  The best I can do is a
> "print to file" from Sodipodi, Batik/Squiggle or Amaya and include the
> resulting postscript file, but this doesn't work well - I end up with an
> otherwise empty page containing the picture, rather than an inline
> picture of the correct dimensions.
> Are there any free SVG to EPS converters for Unix, or is there a way to
> fix this problem using lout?

The 'convert' program that comes as part of the ImageMagick package can
perform SVG to EPS conversions, but the tool I'd recommend is 'sketch'
which can load SVG and save as EPS; sketch seems to do a much better job
of this particular conversion than convert, but has the disadvantage
that you have to do it manually through the GUI rather than using a
command line. Both ImageMagick and sketch are open source.


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