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Re: bugs in the font metrics for symbol fonts

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: bugs in the font metrics for symbol fonts
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 10:08:47 +1100

> Where should I look to dig into this deeper?

A fun way to investigate these kinds of things is to
print the suspect characters in a very large font,
enclosed in a @Box with margin { 0i }.  The box
will exactly reflect the font metrics, and so
you can see clearly whether they agree with the
actual print area.

I'm not sure that I would be keen to actually change
the font metrics file.  It came from Adobe.  A better
bet would be to package up the combinations you need,
using overstriking to correct for the problems.  If
you use something like

    @OneCol { @Sym arrowleft |0.456fo @Sym arrowright }

you can make something that works at any scale.

Hope this helps.

Jeff Kingston

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