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Aggregated pages

From: Sébastien Pierre
Subject: Aggregated pages
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 13:54:24 +0100

Hi all,

I have written a simple Lout document, like the following:

@SysInclude { doc }
        @PageHeaders { Simple }
        @ColumnNumber { 1 }
        @FirstPageNumber { 1 }
        @PageOrientation { Portrait }
@Text @Begin

@PP akjsdhaksjhdakjhdkjass akjhbjkahckj jabsjckasbdhkjashbckjasbc jkasbc
jkbakjbscjk bajk bjkasb jkasbjka b kjsab kjab kjsbakjsabkjvbakjsbjkxb
vkjyxbckjxbyckjyxbckjxybckjxyb kbyxkjbyxkjb kjxy bkjbkjyxbkj byxkxj bkjy
bybasdiowajhdghwfig     fg iouwgefiw.


@End @Text

When I generate a PDF document with Lout (3.24), the PDF document is a very long page with no page breaks (pages are just put one after the other on a single page), but strangely the page numbers are printed correctly. When using the PostScript output and then ps2pdf only the "last page" is present in the result. I really don't know what happened.

I have reinstalled lout, and the problem is still present. Compiling the Lout documentation worked right thought... scratch, scratch!

Any ideas?

  -- Sébastien.

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adults are even more fucked up / and elderlies are like children»
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