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On the PDF back end

From: Graham Douglas
Subject: On the PDF back end
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 23:25:49 +0400 (MSD)

Hi All
I just discovered Lout and am
looking forward to getting to know it.
A big thanks to Dr Jeff Kingston for
writing it and thanks too to Uwe for
porting to Win32.
I saw a few posts about the PDF
back end. There is a *superb* PDF C
library called PDFlib at
which *might* be a starting
point for a full PDF back end.
The library documentation
is of the very highest quality.
The license issue would need
looking at carefully
From pdflib.com:
A commercial PDFlib license is required
for all uses of the software which are not
explicitly covered by the Aladdin Free Public License
(see bottom), for example:
> shipping a commercial product
which contains PDFlib
> distributing (free or commercial) software
based on PDFlib when the source code is
not made available
> implementing commercial Web services
with PDFlib
Full details on the site. Whether PDFlib is of any
interest to anyone, I don't know but I thought
I'd mention it ;-)
By the way, two questions if I may:
1. Can you import EPS files with binary
previews (TIFF on the PC) or do you
need to read/process the 30-byte
binary header?
2. Does it require use of the
libtiff library (or similar) to be
able to import TIFF files by
converting them to EPS?
Again thanks Jeff for making
Lout available.
Best wishes
Graham Douglas

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