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Re: Error with @IncludeGraphic and eps file

From: Albert Kinderman
Subject: Re: Error with @IncludeGraphic and eps file
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 08:15:03 -0700

I may have solved my problem, but I am not quite sure.  The file
tmhorz.eps apparently got transferred from one machine to another
using a DOS floppy.  The whole carriage return/line feed thing got
messed up.  I am running FreeBSD 4.3 and lout doesn't like the
incorrect characters.

Many editors don't show the extra character, but ee does.  After
removing the extra character from the first six lines of the eps
file, the bounding box error no longer appears in the output. 
However, I still get 

internal error: assert failed in FixAndPrintObject: link or

At this point I am assuming that removing the rest of the extra
characters from the eps file will fix the problem.  I will try it


Albert Kinderman wrote:
> I have used a memo form in the past, but haven't used it lately
> (probably since 3.17) I am currently using 3.24 (I get the same
> error using 3.21 as well).  The memo includes a graphic,
> tmhorz.eps.
> +1f @VShift 8c @Wide @Scale @IncludeGraphic tmhorz.eps
> Running lout (3.24 or 3.21) produces
> @IncludeGraphic given zero size (no BoundingBox line in file
> tmhorz.eps)
> replacing infinite scale factor (zero width object) by 1.0
> The file tmhorz.eps begins with the lines
> %!PS-Adobe-3.0 EPFS-3.0
> %%Creator:  ...
> %%For: ...
> %%Title: ...
> %%CreationDate: ...
> %%BoundingBox: 59 487 542 591
> It worked in the past, but not now.  The major change in lout from
> before when it worked properly (from my point of view) is the
> change in the location of the fontdefs, from a @SysInclude to
> @SysDatabase @FontDef in my customized doc file.
> Any suggestions?  I noticed that su_crest.eps in the user guide
> has its bounding box statement on line 2 rather than line 6; does
> that matter?
> Thanks,
> Al
> --
> Albert Kinderman      Department of Management Science
>        California State University, Northridge

Albert Kinderman      Department of Management Science
       California State University, Northridge

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