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Using RTX to write Lout, html and docbook (sgml)

From: Mark Summerfield
Subject: Using RTX to write Lout, html and docbook (sgml)
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 11:54:25 +0400 (MSD)


I've released an application, RTX, for writing plain text with a very
minimal markup which can be converted to lout. It is a lot easier to
type than lout, and you can always include chunks of raw lout if you
want to do fancy things like diagrams. RTX is intended to be used for
larger documents, particularly books.

One of my frustrations with lout is that if I originate text in lout I
can only get postscript or PDF (via ps2pdf), when really I want
multiple output formats. RTX is my solution to this problem; it can
output lout, html, docbook (sgml), so you can write using a single
source format and generate the other formats you require. RTX is
available from http://www.ourobourus.com and is at version
1.0.0-alpha. It depends on Lout 3.23 or greater and Python 2.1 and
the GUI probably only works under X11.

Two other frustrations with lout that I can't solve:
1) I wish I could include .png files (although there may be scriptable
   solutions to convert .png to .eps on-the-fly);
2) I wish I could use truetype fonts.

BTW Using lout 3.23 @IncludeGraphic works within @Verbatim; my
impression from the manual is that only @Include to include a file
should work in @Verbatim?



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