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Re: 2 more

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: 2 more
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 12:30:31 +1100

> Now I will try to be constructive. Jeff, could you please give me a very
> rough estimate of how much work hours it may take to fix the problems
> we've been discussing, in particular: 1) re-fitting galleys to variable
> width; 2) full control over paragraph shape with hyphenation (including
> e.g. flowing text around arbitrary objects); 3) adding tracking. If you
> ...

> Of course I would like first to get your honest opinion on whether it is
> practical to develop Lout in these directions

I don't think (1) and (2) are practical, because, to do them properly
you need arbitrary shapes as first-class citizens, and that would
change Lout to the core.

(3), track kerning, would be easy if it's only what I think it is,
so a few days' work say.  It's the sort of thing I've often done
before for people; I'd take it on now but the workload in my day
job has become ridiculous this year, and I'm not even getting to
the essential maintenance (i.e. fixing the table running headers
problem) at the moment.


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