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Re: Using TeX fonts in Lout

From: Olaf Rogalsky
Subject: Re: Using TeX fonts in Lout
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 11:46:58 +0100

> You can probably find a lot of accidental fonts on the web, but
> finding free (for practical values of "free", no GNU flames please)
> good body type fonts is highly problematic.  Partially, because there
> not that many good body type designs.

And finding free mathematical fonts is even more problematic! AFAIK
the only free available math fonts beside the "computer modern/ams" fonts
are those of elsevier, called ESSTIX. I have a not finished work on
creating a lout "eq" package, which uses these fonts. But it is a mess
, because the fonts are of low quality, i.e. they use the PostScript
standard encoding (which is a pain in the ass for math fonts), they have
lot of errors in their metric files and they are very poorly hinted.

Olaf Rogalsky

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