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Re: Post(Ghost-)script problem

From: Erdmut Pfeifer
Subject: Re: Post(Ghost-)script problem
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 13:47:37 +0100
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On Mon, Mar 12, 2001 at 11:50:16AM -0800, Efraim Yawitz wrote:
> This is a problem that I originally thought was with Lout, but after
> examining the .ps files and playing with ghostscript, it seems to be a
> ghostscript problem; maybe someone can help me anyway.
> It seems that when I change fonts in the middle of a document with some
> Hebrew fonts that I have, the previous font is still used.  The standard
> fonts work fine, as do each of the Hebrew fonts by themselves.  I suppose
> it is some sort of problem with the font, but how do I start finding the
> source of the problem?


do you get any error messages? Which fonts does Ghostscript report to
be loading? Which related entries do you have in your Gostscript's
"Fontmap" file?
Maybe you could post a simple test case along with a description of where
the error occurs (or the original .ps-document, if it's not possible
to reproduce the problem with a stripped down example). Also, feel free
to send it to me privately if you feel that it's too large to post to
the list.
I cannot promise to solve it, but I'll give it a try... (the Hebrew
fonts would have to be embedded, of course, as I'm quite sure that I
don't have them :)


Erdmut Pfeifer
science+computing ag

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