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Re: Hebrew and two questions

From: Valeriy E. Ushakov
Subject: Re: Hebrew and two questions
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 05:51:22 +0300
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On Fri, Mar 09, 2001 at 12:10:09 -0800, Efraim Yawitz wrote:

> 1) Are there any real 'control structures' in Lout besides @Case and
> recursion?  For instance, how can I make a loop to do something
> repeatedly, or is that just not what Lout is about?

Functional languages use (tail) recursion for iteration because
referential transparency precludes the use of iteration variables

> 2) What has to be changed to make Lout use Unicode?  Do you just
> have to change the #define of FULL_CHAR and of AsciiToFull, or are
> there more internals.

The biggest problem, I think is a font selection scheme and related
issues.  There's sister list <address@hidden> which is a better
place for this discussion.

SY, Uwe
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