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Re: ycoord usage

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: ycoord usage
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 16:56:35 +1100

> I have a problem with the ycoord usage in my picture...

The problem lies here:

    from { 0.2 ycoord "address@hidden"}

Presumably the intention is to get an x position 0.2 of the way
along the figure, but the sad truth is that these fractions are
only allowed when separated by a comma like this:

    translate {CTR to 0.5, 0.3}

I'm not sure, offhand, how to get the exact effect of this
diagram except by placing a blank labelled box at the desired
start point and using its name in the link.  However a similar
effect can be got quite easily, like this:

    @Arrow from { address@hidden -- { 0.5 cm 0 } } to { address@hidden }

This starts the arrow 0.5cm to the left of the end point, using
vector subtraction to reach this point.  You could replace the
0.5 cm by some clever calculation involving the "distance"
symbol; that might do it.


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