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Blank pages between sections ending on odd pages

From: slomium
Subject: Blank pages between sections ending on odd pages
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 14:40:54 +0000

This may describe a bug.

I have a document (which uses the book format) that I 
have set the chapter start pages to begin on odd pages.  
I have the same header on all pages (start, intro and 
non-intro, even and odd).  I have a foreword, table of 
contents, list of figures, and list of tables.

My document has some chapters which end on odd pages.  
The following even page is blank (no headers) and the 
next chapter begins on an odd page.  This behavior seems 
correct to me.

My problem lies in the intro pages.  In my document, the 
foreword is all on page v, page vi contains only a 
header, page vii contains the table of contents, page 
viii contains only a header, page ix contains a list of 
figures, page x contains only a header, page xi contains 
a list of tables, page xii contains only a header.  
Chapter 1 then begins on page 1.  This seems incorrect to 

I would expect the pages that i describe above as 
containing only a header to be blank (like the blank 
pages between chapters that end on odd pages) instead of 
containing a header.  Is lout behaving correctly?  If so, 
is there a way to turn off the headers on the otherwise 
blank intro pages that I have described above.



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