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ycoord usage

From: Rene Arends
Subject: ycoord usage
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 19:23:32 +0200

I have a problem with the ycoord usage in my picture.

I want a horizontal link from a certain (x,y) point to the NW label of
an ellipse. To determine the
y-position to start from, i use the y-coord symbol (see example below).
When i look at the
resulting output, the link doesn't start at the position where i would
want it to start. it seems that
the x starting point can be any number, without changing the starting
point of the link. Do i use the ycoord symbol in a wrong way here?

@SysInclude {picture}
@SysInclude {diag}

        -5p @Font @Diag {
            5c @Wide 5c @High
                outline {box}
                vsize { 4c }
                hsize { 2c }
                translate {CTR to 0.5, 0.5}
                translate {CTR to 0.5, 0.7}
                margin { 1f }
                {ellipse 1}
                translate {CTR to 0.5, 0.5}
                margin { 1f }
                {ellipse 2}
                translate {CTR to 0.5, 0.3}
                margin {1f}

            @Link arrow {yes} from { 0.2 ycoord "address@hidden"} to 
            @Link arrow {yes} from { 0.3 ycoord "address@hidden"} to 


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