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Re: warning messages when figures don't fit (was: Lout bug ?)

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: warning messages when figures don't fit (was: Lout bug ?)
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 11:59:15 +1100

On Tue Aug 22 Mark Christiaens wrote:

> I was including a set of figures in a report and suddenly, my last figure
> was not being inserted ... After some dabbling around with it, I found that
> I had to shrink my figure down a little and everything works OK.  Usually,
> lout mentions that it has to scale or delete things but it hadn't said
> anything of sort.

I've looked into this and it turns out to be quite awkward to identify
these lost figures in the obvious way - by asking who's left over when
the document formatting ends.  So I've decided to handle this by
printing a warning message when something does not fit into its first
available target.  This is not necessarily a problem:  just because a
figure or footnote does not fit into the first place Lout tries, does
not mean that it won't fit into the next place (e.g. on the next page).
So the warning message looks like this:

    25.3c object too high for 23.4c space; will try elsewhere

which I hope indicates clearly that there is a potential problem
but not necessarily an actual problem.  I'll have to see how this
pans out in practice; if there are too many false alarms then I'll
need to think again.


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