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New to lout...

From: Paul Selormey
Subject: New to lout...
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2000 22:03:39 -0000
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Hello All,
First of all, I wish to thank the author Dr. Jeff Kingston for his
great work on lout and the many who have worked and supported it till
this time.
I am just introduced to the lout by a user of our LaTeX IDE, 
TeXnicCenter (www.ToolsCenter.org), still in beta stage.
We are now in the process of redesign our program to support lout, and
we have doing our best to learn about it.

1. With much of our time devoted to designing and programming the 
TeXnicCenter, however, our learning process is very slow. We will, 
therefore be very happy, if experience users here could help us with
a lot of sample files for testing.
Samples illustrating the various features of the lout will be highly 
appreciated. Any sample, from "Hello, lout" to complete book!!!

2. We will also wish to know if there is any official logo/icon for 

3. Any html help files, tutorials, references to keywords that we can 
integrate into our help system will be highly welcomed.

Our program is a freeware licensed under GPL with complete source 
codes available to anyone with VC++ to work with. We support only the 
Windows platform, at least currently :-)

Any useful information could be emailed to address@hidden 
Please give some indication of lout in the email subject, so that I 
can easily recognize them.

Best regards,

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