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Re: Colour separation

From: Stewart C. Russell
Subject: Re: Colour separation
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 11:55:23 +0100

Ian Carr-de Avelon wrote:
> Well, the full picture is. I'm in the middle of looking at Lout as a way to
> print bills and it looks like a good way to go

Unless you're printing off thousands to the one client, thus making
preprinted forms worthwhile, maybe you could consider a colour laser

> They say they have a "B2+ Scitex 4Press"

There will be a PPD file for it. Few applications for Linux parse PPDs.

> This is something I had not thought of/realised. So all the crosses and
> the little blocks of colour at the side are put on by the DTP software

Yep. That's the way it is.

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