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Re: Formatting chapters in Lout books

From: Marcelo Huerta
Subject: Re: Formatting chapters in Lout books
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 22:57:38 -0300

El 07/02/2000 21:23:39, address@hidden (Jeff Kingston) escribió:

> Henrik Martensson asks what happened to the definitions for arbitrarily
> deep nesting of sections that are mentioned in the Expert's Guide.  I
> worked out how to do this a long time ago, based on passing a depth
> number and a "path number" such as down each level; but I don't
> think I ever actually implemented it, or if I did, it would not have
> been to the standard that the DocumentSetup sections are done.

That's a pity, because if (improbably) I decide to even begin to unravel
the (for me) immense complexity inherent to the Simple Document Format 
(SDF) and create a filter from it to generate Lout output (and so generate
really acceptable PS output from SDF without having to use FrameMaker)
the numbered path approach would match very nicely with the SDF
formatting style, making easier to achieve what Henrik Martenson was
requesting in his message: treat a document as a chapter, a standalone
document or a part of another document; all very easily done with the
SDF engine. It's just the PS conversion system that should be better,
and that's where Lout could be useful for us SDF users.

It would be extremely convenient if you, Uwe or any other Lout guru
could make this kind of implementation, if not to the level of
DocumentSetup, at least to a useful level. I, for one, would be very
grateful of that. Specially if I decide stick only with Lout, as it has
been my choice lately :-)

                       o-=< Marcelo Huerta >=-o

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