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intro pages to doc / Linux collation problem

From: Mikko Huhtala
Subject: intro pages to doc / Linux collation problem
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 17:32:59 +0200 (EET)

I tried to modify docf so that I could get separately numbered (or
unnumbered to be exact) intro pages in my document. So I added outside
@Text a galley, which goes to @IntroColPlace, plus the
necessary @IntroPageList additions to @Document. This much worked
and I got my unnumbered intro pages, but now the table of contents refuses
to appear. What do I need to change in the definitions for table of

I'm also still having the problem of 'Lout runs not converging' that was
discussed here some time ago. The problem is with Linux? Is there
a fix for it I can apply, or do I wipe my hard drive and get FreeBSD? I
cannot get intro page numbers using normal reports or my own abused
version of docf ('unresolved cross reference @Roman&&1' etc.) in Mandrake
7.0 (kernel 2.2.14). I also had the problem on Irix 6.5, where Lout was
compiled with the SGI MipsPro CC.

The reason I am not doing the whole thing using @Report is that I need
to have the section numbering start from 1 (@BeginSections) several times,
add lagre-scale structures between @EndSections and @BeginSections,
and at the same time have a single table of contents and a single list of
references. It is a horrible document format but I am not in a position to
help it. Which would be easier, to modify @Report to do multiple
@BeginSections or to get the intro pages to work right in @Documents?


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