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Inserted EPS figures on separate pages in Doc package

From: Cayle Graumann
Subject: Inserted EPS figures on separate pages in Doc package
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 00:12:58 +0300 (MSK)

Dear Louters,

        I have been using lout for a while now for small documents, but now
I have started to write my masters thesis using the Doc package.  My
university here, having a fairly archaic style manual, requires that
figures and their figure legends, and tables, be on separate pages
immediately following the text where those figures are first referred to.  
My question is this, is it possible in lout to do this automatically -
meaning, can I put a reference to the figure after the first time I mention
it in the text, write lots more text, and then have lout decide when to put
in the separate figure pages, with everything page numbered properly.  I
can see that this is conceptually similar to the automatic footnoting, in
that footnotes get put on the page where they are called automatically (
after several lout passes of course), but I am not expert enough in lout
programming to implement this myself.  I can do it outside of lout in that
I can format the figure pages separately in lout and then use the psutils
package to insert those pages where they need to belong.  

Additionally, the thesis style requires that there be a separate table of
contents for figures and one for tables, can this also be done? 

Any ideas?


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